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    The Top 10 Online Early Childhood Education Degree Programmes (Bachelor’s).




    A Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education provides individuals with advanced skills in child development, learning strategies, and child growth that is essential for their success as preschool directors, youth counsellors and elementary teachers worldwide. These degrees can be obtained through many universities and colleges. They are open to all who want to work with children and inspire a love of learning in young minds. Many online schools today offer flexible, affordable, accredited programs for Bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education. Below are ten of the most prestigious online schools and their degree programs.

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    Are you interested in a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education? Our ranking of the top 30 online master’s programs in early childhood education can be found here.


    • Program’s unique features (1/2): The number of features unique to the program, such as top financial aid, time-until degree accelerated, specializations and practicums.
    • Affordability (1/2), the total program cost calculated using the out-of-state tuition per hour rate.
    • Ranking the Top 10 Online Schools to Get a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education
    • The following schools are ranked according to their Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

    1. Kendall College

    • Rankings and Accreditation of Schools: Kendall College has been ranked by Super Scholar as one of the top online schools for early childhood education. It is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Illinois Board of Education also approves the college’s online Bachelor of Science degree program in Early Childhood Education.
    • Program Overview: The online Bachelor of Science degree program at Kendall College in Early Childhood Education consists of 180 credits. This online degree program offers five specializations: English as a second language, Childhood Nutrition, Infants and Toddlers and Small Business Management.
    • Unique Features: Kendall College was selected as the best school because the online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree program is one of the highest-ranking, most affordable, comprehensive, comprehensive and affordable online degrees available. The online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Ed Degree program at Kendall College offers five specializations. It also includes 180 credit hours. Many schools offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education that requires only 120 credit hours.

    2. Grand Canyon University

    Super Scholar ranked Grand Canyon University as the fourth-best college online. This university is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    • Program Overview: Grand Canyon University offers an Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education. It consists of 120 credit hours of learning. This online degree program includes three courses: Child Psychology, Early Literacy Development and Educating The Exceptional Learner.
    • Unique Features: Grand Canyon University offers financial aid options that are unparalleled. These include the President’s Scholarship and the President’s Scholarship. The Dean’s Scholarship and the Faculty Scholarship.

    3. Post University

    Super Scholar ranked Post University as the sixth-best school for online education. The New England Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited this university.

    • Program Overview: This university offers an Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Studies. It consists of 120 credits in courses like Educational Psychology, Emergent Literacy and Creative Activities.
    • Unique Features: Students can transfer up to 90 credits from an accredited college or university to this online degree program.

    4. Western Governors University

    • School Rankings and Accreditation: Western Governors University has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Super Scholar also ranks this university as one of the top online schools for early education.
    • Program Overview: The online Bachelor of Arts degree program in Early Childhood Education at Western Governors University consists of 122 credit hours.
    • Unique Features: Western Governors University is the first institution to offer an online Bachelor of Arts degree program in Early Childhood Education. The National Council accredits it with the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

    5. Liberty University

    • Accreditation and School Rankings: Liberty University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Young America’s Foundation also ranks this university as one of America’s most conservative schools.
    • Program Overview: Liberty University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education-Interdisciplinary Studies Degree program that includes 120 credit hours of study.
    • Unique Features: Liberty University includes a 90-hour practicum online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education-Interdisciplinary Studies Degree program. This online degree program may accept credit hours from those with teaching experience.

    6. Vanguard University of Southern California

    • School Rankings and Accreditation: the Vanguard University of Southern California has been ranked among the top universities worldwide by U.S. News and World Reports and Forbes Magazine. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges has also accredited this university.
    • Program Overview: The online Bachelor of Arts program in Early Childhood Education at the Vanguard University of Southern California consists of 124 credits. This online degree program offers courses like Guiding the Young Child’s behaviour, Creative Art for Young Children, and Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood education.
    • Unique Features: The online Bachelor of Arts degree program in Early Childhood Education at the Vanguard University of Southern California is Christian-based. The university has small classes so students can be sure they get the attention and quality they need.

    7. Kaplan University

    • School Rankings and Accreditation: Kaplan University has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Higher Learning Commission. Online Education Database ranks Kaplan University among the top 50 online schools.
    • Program Overview: Kaplan University offers an Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Development. It consists of courses like Child Safety, Nutrition and Health, Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Children’s Literacy.
    • Unique Features: More than 96 per cent are Kaplan University faculty members with an advanced degree. Kaplan University is military-friendly and offers a reduced tuition fee for active-duty military personnel.

    8. University of Massachusetts

    • Accreditation and Rankings of Schools: The University of Massachusetts has been accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The Best Colleges ranked this university as one of the top colleges for online education.
    • Program Overview: The University of Massachusetts offers an online Bachelor of Arts degree program in Children’s Learning and an online Bachelor of Arts degree program in Children’s Education. Each degree program online requires 120 hours of study.
    • Unique Features: Online students at the University of Massachusetts can substitute up to 30 hours of academic study with practical experience in the field of education.

    9. Park University

    • Accreditation and Rankings of Schools: Park University has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. The standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children are met in the online Bachelor of Science degree programs at Park University.
    • Overview of the Program: Park University offers an online Bachelor of Science program in Early Childhood Education-Teaching Young Children. It also offers an online Bachelors of Science program in Early Childhood Education Leadership. These degrees include 120 hours of study in courses like Infants and Toddlers and Educational Psychology.
    • Unique Features: Park University is the only non-profit institution that offers an online bachelor of science in early childhood education degree program. This university also offers online degrees taught by teachers with advanced degrees and experience in teaching and administration.

    10. Walden University

    • Higher Learning Commission Accreditation and Rankings: Walden University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission from 1990 to this day. The North Central Association accredits Walden University because it is a member. Walden is accredited through the National Council for Accreditation in Teacher Education (NCATE). This teacher-specific accreditation covers both beginner and advanced teacher preparation programs.
    • Program Overview: Walden offers a B.S. degree in Child Development based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) professional standards. Walden also offers an M.S. in Early Childhood Education.
    • Unique Features: Walden has a unique partnership agreement with the National Education Association Academy (NEA). The Academy chose Walden as its education provider. NEA members are eligible to receive 10% off tuition

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    Education Loan: Applying for a Loan? Essential Things That you Must Know First.




    The pursuit of higher education is the apex of a student’s education. Then, add the possibility of studying abroad for higher education, which is an opportunity attainable for many. But aspirations also come with obstacles. In this instance, going overseas and learning, though attractive, is not always achievable. The cost of living, as well as the fees, can discourage students from pursuing their dream of studying abroad. To overcome this, over time, many innovative and new education loans were created to provide students with safety protection. A degree from a top-quality institution could lead you to the top of the list when you think about that. It is equally important to keep in mind that you must check some boxes before deciding on the best type of educational loan.

    When selecting your educational loan, let’s consider some aspects to ensure you get the most from it.

    Picking the Right Lane

    Before you even think about the type of loan you’d like to choose, you must ensure that your topic of interest is secured. A loan to fund higher education is not a small amount of money. It is prudent to take a close look at the length of your studies, your commitment to this, and whether it really interests you over the long haul. Consider if you can consider this to be the ideal direction you’ll take for the duration of the rest of your existence.

    Checking Eligibility

    Several criteria must be met to get an education loan for higher levels in India. First, you have to qualify as an Indian. The second requirement is that you be at least 18 years old age. They also require evidence that you’re dedicated to your studies about your academic background, as well as evidence that you get admission to the institution for which you’re seeking the loan.


    The majority of banks in the public sector can offer as much as 90 percent of your total expenses. With the bank you choose and your level of education, you could obtain reasonable rates on interest. For instance, The Bank of Baroda offered a 6.75 percent/year interest rate on loans. On the other hand, banks such as ICICI or Karnataka Bank can offer interest rates of 10.50 percent to 12.19 percent on annual loans.

    Setting up the Loan in the Long-term

    If you take out an amount of about four lakhs, you could apply for it without putting any collateral, such as cars or houses; however, if the loan amount is between 4 and 7.5 lakhs, the scene shifts. The bank may require you to submit an applicant who will aid in paying off the loan. It could be someone from your family or spouse, friend, etc. The bank must know that when you need to borrow more significant amounts, you have someone who can repay the loan and is employed in a steady position that will allow that. For any amount greater than 7.5 lakhs, there is likely to be a need for collateral. The bank can only offer the loan once the collateral has been inspected and written authorization is issued.

    Interest Rates and Moratorium: A Full Rundown

    Be sure to research every possible option and bank the best interest rate that will fit your budget. Every bank has different interest rates on loans, but they usually will range from 6 and 15. For an undergraduate, you would benefit from choosing one with a long time frame for repayment. In this way, you can aim to get a bigger loan. Make sure you choose one with a reasonable time frame to be able to complete the loan at a reasonable rate while still paying the loan off.

    Government Schemes or Financial Institutions

    Students can choose between getting a loan from a financial institution or directly from government officials. Government of India under a scheme. For instance, the Indian government has launched its Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme (CGFSEL) for loans for education, where students can get loans as high as Rs 7.5 lakh without co-applicants.

    On the other hand, banks must adhere to certain limitations regarding collaterals after a specific amount. But, there are tax-free interest payments on a loan for education under Section 80E in the Income Tax Act. There are a variety of choices that are cost-effective for students. The trick to choosing the best one is to consider all of the above factors before deciding to take out any student loan for education.


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    Why Choose a Study Loan: The Benefits of Education Loans.




    No investment will give you a better yield than your education. A study loan can help students complete their studies even if they cannot pay for them now. When you consider the potential earnings of an educated person, they can realize their full potential.

    Top 5 Benefits of Study Loan

    In addition to the economics, There are numerous advantages associated with Education Loans, making them the ideal choice to fund your education. Here’s a look at a couple of advantages to taking a look at an education loan for the purpose of funding your studies:

    1. Low rate of interest

    When taking out a loan, the interest rate plays a vital role in the choice. Interest rates on studies loans are typically lower throughout the world, and in India, they are also deficient, particularly for government-owned banks. For those with an economically disadvantaged background, the loans can be more affordable, thanks to a subsidy from the government that covers the interest of the loan during the study course and up to six months after you have been employed.

    African American Women Accounting With Graduation Cap

    2. Easy Availability of Study Loan

    The loans are readily available to the vast majority of the population because they are available from various sources. Alongside banks, private and public – many NFCs (Non-Banking Financial Corporations) also provide loans for education with relatively simple processes. Other organizations also aid students by providing endowment loans and other benefits.

    3. Excellent payment conditions

    The repayment schedule is crucial to consider before making a loan commitment. With most loans, you have to begin repaying the loan immediately. When you take out the fact that a study loan depends on the future earnings of your student, many banks will allow flexible repayment plans, making it more straightforward for students to repay the loan after employment.


    4. Tax Deductible

    Tax exemptions associated with the loan are a further benefit of loans for education. The interest paid for the loans is tax-deductible under section 80E in the Income Tax Act, 1961. This can help a student save money throughout repayment.

    Piggy bank wearing mortar board on pile of books in library while students studying in background. Saving money for college with piggy bank on books in library. Savings and education debt concept.

    5. Self-dependence

    The most significant benefit of a study loan is that it helps students be accountable for their education. In addition to rescuing their parents from a significant burden on their finances, Study Loan has an additional advantage. Taking on a loan for a student is also a way to ensure they’re completely committed and invested in their study.

    There is no better way to prepare for becoming an adult in the modern world than for the students to pay for their education.

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    Similar to going to a virtual campus and studying in person, There are benefits and disadvantages to attending online classes and learning online. There are many advantages to online education. You’ll see that online education lets you enjoy a more manageable schedule, reduces your education’s price, and more easily build your career and furthers your education.

    Although there are many benefits to online learning, it’s not without a few disadvantages to consider. Being on track and motivated can be challenging, so online learning isn’t for all. If you know more about the benefits and drawbacks of online-based learning, you’ll be able to determine the best option for your needs and educational and professional objectives.

    If you’re interested in learning more about online education’s advantages at the Drexel School of Education, inquire for more information.


    1. Flexibility

    One of the benefits of online education is Virtual classrooms that are ideal for those who wish to further their education and work. In traditional classrooms, the lectures are scheduled for a specific time, and your availability will determine the class schedule. If you’re employed, and classes aren’t offered during work hours, it may be challenging to balance a class workload with your job tasks.


    If you are enrolled in a virtual campus online, learning can provide greater freedom in setting your timetable. You can also study at any time that suits you. Are you living with noisy roommates? Being more in control of your timetable also means you’ll be less distracted.

    2. Reduced Costs

    It can be costly to attend school. However, online learning can offer a variety of options for students can save money. Being able to avoid the commute to the campus can help reduce the cost of transportation.

    Each year, an average student pays more than one thousand dollars for textbooks and other course material. Virtual courses typically take advantage of online resources, which reduces the cost of textbooks.

    Costs for tuition may also differ between on-campus and online courses. For example, at Drexel University, students enrolled in online programs within the School of Education receive a 25 percent discount on the cost of tuition. The majority of the online courses provided by the school are financially eligible.

    With all these options for savings, cost cutting can be one of the significant benefits of online courses.


    3. More Free Time

    Because your classes don’t influence your schedule, you can be more productive in the things you enjoy. In addition to being able to save money, the absence of a commute can also mean saving time since you won’t have to drive between campus and home.

    The extra time you have is available to use to your advantage in any way you choose, like focussing on your work and spending it with the family. All you require is a device that can be used as a digital one with an internet connection, and you’re able to access the required tools to advance your education and obtain your diploma in your own time.

    4. Increased Course Variety

    Another reason online school is a better option for students is the greater variety of educational options. Since students don’t have to go to campus for the courses on specific dates and times, they can choose the classes they are interested in. It is unnecessary to alter plans, and students who are enrolled in an online course can take the course they’d like to complete at a time that’s most suitable for them. With classes online, participants can acquire the information they require to get their degrees or advance their careers.

    Online courses permit you to achieve the same variety of degrees that could be earned in traditional education. It includes learning certificates and professional certificates for master’s or doctoral degrees.

    5. Career Advancement Opportunities

    Like courses taught in traditional classrooms, online learning can offer you various opportunities to advance your career.


    Since you’re in charge of your schedule, students who participate in virtual learning are more prepared to keep working and pursuing academic qualifications. For those who don’t have jobs, academics can be used to explain the gap or discontinuity on a resume. In any scenario, the advantages of online learning can be seen on resumes.

    6. Increased Collaboration

    Students who take online courses have more opportunities to work with their classmates in virtual group meetings and group work. One of the advantages of online classes is the groups and message boards that let students post their comments on readings and other assignments and then reply to classmates.

    Students can also get more individual time with their professors through virtual learning. This is advantageous for learning as well as networking. Students can communicate with their instructor and upload assignments to review.

    7. Personalized Education

    Students who feel that their concentration gets slowed down by the demands of class may be able to benefit from classes online. Students who aren’t as confident could have better chances to participate in discussions with classmates while communicating via the Internet. You can work from your preferred location preference, and the outcome is a more personal learning experience using self-paced learning.

    In online courses, students can choose the best time to finish their assignments and readings. Because the courses are online, classes can be completed wherever there’s Internet access.


    8. Enhanced Time Management Skills

    While the advantages of online learning are the flexibility of completing assignments at the time most comfortable for students, they must manage their time effectively to ensure they complete their assignments within the deadlines specified by the instructor. Online courses train students on how to manage their time better because the student is the one who has the burden of participating in the course rather than simply attending the class on a specified date and time. This means that students learn more from their studies and improve their time management abilities.

    9. Immediate Feedback

    Combining your coursework with technology offers many benefits. Instead of having to wait days or weeks following examinations, you typically receive immediate feedback. In online classes, students upload their work digitally to review by their instructor. Professors review the work of students online and provide feedback electronically. This means that students get feedback immediately. In a traditional classroom, students could wait for a week or two before receiving feedback on their work. If feedback is received sooner, students can better understand their work and adjust their assignments.

    10. Repeated Access to Course Materials

    When traditional lectures leave you at the mercy, your notes-taking skills videos can be watched and reviewed whenever required. Students who do not grasp the concepts presented in a lecture video can return and listen to the lecture again. Students can make use of videos from lectures as a complementing aid in completing their assignments.


    To decide whether online education is the right choice for you, it’d be best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of online education. Students who are comfortable setting their timetable for studying, completing assignments, and working with their classmates via a remote connection are likely to do well in an online degree program. What they should be aware of the most is that the exact content taught in in-person classes is also taught in an online class, and there’s no distinction between an online degree or a degree earned in person.

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