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    Three Foundational Secrets That Can Help Take Your Business To The Next Level.




    As you’ve probably already realized, expanding your company’s size from 7 figures up to 8 takes some different thinking. You’ve seen that your company is a possibility, and you know what you’re selling is a viable option in the marketplace.

    However, how do you build upon that success and grow your business until you’ve gone from being an overworked business owner to the kind of business owner experiencing massive growth and success? These are great questions.

    In this article, I’ll be sharing three essential secrets that must be in place in your business and life to get you there. These tips aren’t an unbreakable guideline to success. You already realize that nothing is straightforward.

    However, your company will struggle to grow without a deep knowledge of these three fundamental principles and not incorporate them into your daily life or business in a meaningful and profound way. It’s as if you’re taking a trip on a tricycle that does not have a wheel, and it’s going to be impossible to function.


    Without further delay, Let’s begin.

    1. Create a clear, long-term plan.

    Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to be innovative problem-solvers. However, this doesn’t necessarily make them excellent long-term planners. Indeed, many business owners have a difficult time when it comes to forming an overall vision for their business.

    In the book Vivid Vision: A Effective Tool to Align Your company around a shared Vision of the Future, Cameron Herold outlined this perfectly in the following quotation. “When people in an organization make decisions with the same underlying intuition as their leader, it is an indicator of the success. This is one of the main reasons to train employees to become managers in the first first place. Your role as CEO is to unite and motivate everyone , then let them off the ground to let them go.”

    A vision is vital for your team. However, it’s also crucial to ensure you’re on the right path to keep ahead of the game and look forward to the future. Without a clear vision, the majority of business owners fall into chaos. They see their organizations slowly deteriorate and end up moving in circles instead of making moving forward towards a common purpose.

    2. Refrain from gratification for a while.

    We’re all well aware of the hustle culture. The idea of achieving success with dedication and perseverance is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s a great idea. However, on the contrary, the idea is often discussed without a clear explanation of the context.

    Suppose you are willing to delay your desire to be happy to expand your company and make it more profitable. In that case, you will discover the dedication to your business that will take it beyond the horizon.


    Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder, is famous for this. “When my brother and I were starting our first company, instead of getting an apartment, we just rented a small office and we slept on the couch,” Musk said in his commencement address at the end of 2014. (via CNBC). “We were able to shower at the YMCA and we were so exhausted that we had only one computer. The website was running in the morning and I was programming it in the evening all week long every day.” The advice he gave was to “Work all day long.”

    At present, Musk is said to work between 80 and 90 hours per working day. It doesn’t mean you have to work the same amount of hours. The idea is that sometimes you’ll need to do “extraordinary feats” to make incredible achievements possible. Delaying the gratification of your efforts is a crucial element of success.

    3. Make sure you are maximizing your efforts (and the results).

    The third and final trick to take your business from its current state to rapid expansion in the future is taking the value you can create as a business owner and multiplying it to produce even more benefits. What can you do to achieve this?

    It is essential to delegate key business processes to highly skilled and innovative talent through your team, an external company, or freelancers. If you’ve attended an event for business and you’ve heard several presenters talk about the necessity of being able to assign tasks and develop procedures.

    Well, they’re right.

    Many entrepreneurs still have a hard time with this. You may be shocked that business owners are typically the most significant bottlenecks within their own business. But the reality is that you’re limited as an individual. Therefore, it’s essential to reproduce the results of your creative thinking by utilizing outside assistance and internal resources to design procedures that will yield effects over time.


    The three secrets listed above are essential to increase the growth of your business. Once you’ve learned the essentials, you’re ready to put them into practice. You’re sure that you have what you need.

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    10 Questions to Ask at Your First Hair Transplant Qualifications.




    It’s normal to ask many questions when you first consult with your surgeon if you are considering hair transplants. You may be unsure what questions to ask your surgeon before undergoing hair transplants. Or, you may be worried about missing something. Here’s our guide to the most crucial questions you should ask during your hair transplant consultation.

    Am I a good candidate for hair transplant surgery?

    Your surgeon will first assess if you are qualified for hair transplant surgery. Your hair, age, and pre-existing medical conditions all influence your suitability. Your surgeon may recommend other therapies to help you regain your hair or slow down the process.

    What qualifications does my surgeon hold?

    It is crucial to ensure your hair transplant surgeon has the appropriate training, qualifications and experience to perform your surgery safely and successfully. If you have your hair transplant in the UK, ensure your surgeon is registered with GMC (General Medical Council) and inquire if they are affiliated with any professional bodies like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

    What should I do before I have my surgery?

    Preoperative preparation may be required depending on the type and extent of your surgery. You may need to avoid using hair products for a few days before your surgery or use specialist hair care treatments, as recommended by your surgeon.


    How will it feel?

    Your FUE hair transplant will take a little longer, depending on the area’s size. Depending on how long it takes, it may take a few hours or two sessions that last a couple of days. You should know how long it will take before you start to take off work or other responsibilities. It is also essential to know how the pain will be managed, who will be present, and how the procedure will be carried out.

    What is the recovery time?

    FUE hair transplants take around two weeks to recover. During this time, your transplants may scab and fall out. To ensure your hair transplant heals appropriately, following your surgeon’s instructions regarding your sleeping position, exercise, hair products, and sleeping positions is essential. Your surgeon can tell you more about your case and provide advice.

    Do you have any testimonials from patients?

    You can get a sense of the experience from other patients by looking at before and after photos and reading testimonials. Positive reviews are a sign that your surgeon has many satisfied patients. For more information, please look at our patients’ testimonials.

    Which is better for me, FUE or FUT?

    Two types of hair transplant are available: FUE (where individual hair follicles can be removed and transplanted) and FUT (where a single hair strip is removed and transplanted).

    FUE is generally the best option for hair transplants because it minimizes scarring and recovers faster. However, it is worth researching to determine which method is most suitable. FUE doctors can ask the same questions as FUT doctors, but they may have different answers depending on the surgery you choose.


    What is the time frame for me to see the results of my transplant?

    Hair transplants are not always successful. It may take several months for your transplanted hair to start growing. You must understand your expectations and ask your surgeon how your transplanted hair will grow.

    Do I need another hair transplant?

    You may need to have more hair transplants due to natural thinning. The surgeon can provide more information and discuss possible treatments to prevent or slow hair loss.

    What is the cost of a hair transplant?

    After your surgeon has examined your hair, the first consultation will allow you to receive a quote. Ask about financing options and when payment is due.

    Crown Clinic would help you if you considered a hair transplant in 2018. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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    Are you a suitable candidate for hair transplantation? 5 qualifications.




    Five Qualifications for Hair Transplantation

    Hair transplantation is a popular choice because of the possibility of regaining hairlines and self-confidence or even going bald.

    Also, two-thirds of American men will experience hair loss by age 35. By 50, approximately 85% of men have severely thinning hair.

    Although a hair transplant may sound like a great idea, not everyone can afford it. There are many things patients should consider to ensure that the procedure is right for them. Here are five of them. Let’s get on with it.

    Ideal candidates are between 25 and 65 years old.

    There are no age restrictions for hair transplants. However, the ideal candidate should be between 25 and 65 years old. Patients under 25 years old may still experience premature hair loss. This might change as they age. This solution may not be the best for patients over 65. A hair transplantation procedure is impossible for someone bald or with very little hair remaining. This is a crucial factor.


    You may still be eligible for hair transplantation if you are older than 65. This would only be a consideration.

    The type of Hair Loss will determine the hair transplant you choose.

    Because not all hair loss is the same, those with pattern baldness are the best candidates for hair transplantation. This rare genetic condition affects only a tiny portion of the scalp. Therefore, donor hair follicles, or donor hair follicles, can be used to extract good donor hair from other areas. Alopecia patients or any other type of hair loss will have weak hair follicles. The transplant will not succeed for them, so they are unsuitable candidates.

    • You must know what is coming when you think about hair loss.
    • It is essential to know the classification of your hair loss.

    When assessing hair loss, there are two key factors: the severity of the hair loss and the quality and quantity of the donor’s hair. This is a crucial step in determining if a patient qualifies or not for hair transplantation.

    Healthy hair follicles are not the only thing you should have. This is the next thing you should consider.

    It is essential to be healthy.

    Hair transplants are an operation that requires a patient to be healthy before they can proceed. A sound immune system can help reduce the chance of complications. It will also allow the patient to heal faster and take less recovery time. Before undergoing any procedure, patients with chronic health issues should consult their doctor. Patients currently taking blood thinners may have adverse effects on the results. Talk to your surgeon about this before you go.

    Robotic hair transplantation is a different procedure. The procedure for ARTAS iX is minimally invasive. However, patients must still be healthy. The procedure is painless, and recovery time is short.


    The deciding factor is your hair type.

    Hair transplantation can be made based on the type of hair. Robotic hair transplantation requires thick hair to give better coverage to the affected areas. Robotic hair transplants may not work if there is too much curly hair. The technology must determine the direction of each hair follicle. This cannot be easy with curly hair. It can’t detect very light hair or even white hair. Don’t despair! There may be other options, such as PRP injections.

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    A Business Credit Card Is An Excellent Option For Small Businesses.




    Small business owners are often contacted by email and offer to apply for a credit card. You can use a personal credit card in the same manner as a business credit card. This is the best choice for entrepreneurs, business owners, or freelancers who want to track their business spending.

    It will not only make your business more financially sound, but it will also strengthen your credit score. Small business credit card holders have the option of a revolving credit line for purchases.

    Interest will be charged if the balance on your small-business credit card isn’t paid in full at each payment cycle. Entrepreneurs can apply for a small business credit card via their bank or directly with an issuer. This article will discuss the many benefits of small-company credit cards.

    Do your best to improve your credit score and credit history

    Small business credit cards often overlook this benefit. A small business credit card can help improve your credit rating and credit history. You can use it to make all your business purchases and pay on time.


    A high credit score for your business has many benefits. A good credit rating will help you get lower interest rates and better terms for future loans.

    Increase Cash Flow in Your Company

    Access to adequate cash flow is essential for all small businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Credit card services can increase your cash flow and expand your company’s credit access. The card can purchase merchandise, including inventory and supplies, during the next payment cycle.

    A business credit card is easier than a small business loan or overdraft. You will receive your card by mail in a matter of days.

    It is easy to pay for goods or services.

    Many business people believe that the customer is always right. Although this may not always be true for small businesses, most will agree that it is essential to satisfy the consumer’s needs to be successful.

    In recent years, credit and debit cards are becoming more popular. Everybody, from teens to seniors, uses plastic to pay their bills for goods and services. It’s unlikely this trend will change shortly. If customers find out that a business doesn’t accept credit cards, they will likely go elsewhere.


    If a company allows customers to use their credit cards in their shops, they will be able to shop no matter their financial status. Credit unions offer lower fees and higher credit union rates for their members. They also provide personalized customer service. Credit unions might also offer lower interest rates for loans. A credit union might make it easier to obtain a loan than large, unpersonal banks.

    Expand your business to new areas

    Small business owners should consider investing in merchant credit card processing. This is because credit payments open up a business to new opportunities in many markets.

    Credit card processing is essential if a small business is looking to establish an online presence. Customers appreciate the ability to use their credit cards to access secure company websites. E-commerce allows companies to reach new markets and expand their operations.

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