What Can You Do With An International Business Degree? 5 Jobs To Consider.




The study of international business could allow your career to explore a range of pathways that span multiple areas and sectors, such as legal, health care, and even tech.

A business degree that is international will help students gain an international business outlook. The graduates of this program can apply for jobs at multinational corporations as well as financial institutions, governments, non-profit organizations, and many other settings. This degree also provides you with essential competencies as well as the knowledge required by employers all over the world.

In this post in this piece, we present an overview of major businesses in the world and discuss possible international graduate jobs.

What Does an International Business Major Entail?

A business degree that is international will equip you with essential knowledge of business and also help you gain a thorough comprehension of the specifics involved in the organization’s structure, operations, and regulations in different all over the world.


Students in this course study how the global economy interacts as they develop essential skills, including cross-cultural communications.

International Business Degree Jobs

The completion of an international business education could lead to a variety of career possibilities across a variety of fields and sectors. The base pay of graduates who hold bachelor’s degrees in international business averages around $89,000 annually.

Here is a list of the jobs that you could be eligible to apply for using the international business diploma. Keep in mind that requirements for employment and skills vary greatly based upon a variety of factors, such as the employer as well as location.


  • Median Annual Salary: $105,630 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
  • Projected Job Growth (2021-2031): +6%

Job Description: Economics experts study and evaluate figures and stats regarding the distribution and production of services, goods as well as resources. The experts study and evaluate patterns in economic activity and then develop statistical models to predict the economic trend.

Economic analysts use insights derived from data to guide various businesses, including banks, government agencies as well as higher education institutions, and investment firms.

Human Resources Manager

  • Median Annual Salary: $126.230 according to BLS
  • Projected Job Growth (2021-2031): +7%

Description of the job: Human resources managers can be found in virtually all industries, overseeing the administration and organizational tasks of organizations and companies. They manage the hiring and recruitment processes as well as training and also take part in creating a company’s culture.

Human resources managers are able to address their employees’ concerns, mediate disagreements and act as an essential connection between employees and management.


Management Analyst

  • Median annual salary: $93,000, according to BLS
  • Projected Job Growth (2021-2031): 11%

Job Description: Manager analysts offer a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of an organization by gathering data and information to guide the organization’s decision-making process and make needed changes to improve efficiency. The analysts use insights based on data to help organizations increase productivity, generate more revenues, and cut costs.

Most employers will require that candidates possess a bachelor’s education in business, economics engineering, or another closely similar area. Other employers might prefer or prefer applicants to possess an MBA or master’s in business administration (MBA).

Market Research Analyst

  • Median Annual Salary: $63,920 according to BLS
  • Projected Job Growth (2021-2031): +19%

Job Description, Market research analysts carry out both quantitative and qualitative studies. They analyze and collect information to aid organizations in determining what products and services be successful in the consumer market. Market research analysts design surveys that help businesses understand the preferences of customers and to achieve their business goals.

Operations Manager

  • Median Annual Salary: $97,970 according to BLS
  • Projected Job Growth (2021-2031): +7%

The job description for Operations Managers is that they supervise daily operations for the business or organization. They play an essential part in ensuring that businesses are productive, profitable, and in compliance. They are responsible for improving operating management systems, processes, and practices that help businesses achieve tangible results.

They oversee the company’s staff, budgets, project execution, and strategies. They implement policies and strategies to boost efficiency and positively affect the performance of the company.

How to Advance Your Career in International Business

Similar to other careers, the path to success for professionals in international business is mostly on education and knowledge. A graduate diploma in international business will increase your opportunities in the field and allow you to be eligible for greater positions at the top of the ladder in this industry.

Earn a Master’s in International Business

The master’s degree you earn in international business permits you to develop the knowledge base and experience acquired during your undergraduate education and allows you to develop a specialist understanding of your area. Many master’s in international business programs will require you to take at least 30 to 36 credit hours. It typically takes an entire year of full-time studies for completion.

There are schools that offer an MBA in international studies. However, this usually targets individuals with 2 to 5 years working with.


The master’s degree level and international business master’s degree gives an extensive curriculum covering the areas of fundamental business skills such as international trade laws, geopolitics, foreign policy, new markets, as well as intercultural communication. The curriculum for master’s degrees in international business usually covers these subjects:

  • Accounting principles
  • Business law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global economics
  • Management Accounting
  • The behavior of the organization

Operations management principles

With a master’s degree in international commerce, it is possible to be able to get the following positions:

  • Business development director
  • Corporate Investment Banker
  • Global Operations Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Analyst in policy

Obtain a Doctorate in International Business

These doctoral programs in international business generally help students prepare for careers in academia, including jobs in university environments or as leaders of groups of development and training, as well as corporate programs.

A doctorate in international commerce is typically research-driven and concentrates on research methodologies that are quantitative, including economic theory and management. International business doctoral degrees typically require between four and six years to finish and conclude with the submission of a dissertation.

A doctoral degree in business international, you could follow the following paths:

  • Economic researcher
  • Global policy analyst
  • The global manager of training and development
  • Senior risk management consultant
  • Professors at universities

Consider Professional Certifications

Many international business certificates can be obtained to assist professionals in demonstrating their business expertise and abilities and provide pathways that allow them to progress in their careers. Prior to attempting certification, you must research the value of it and its purpose in order that it can be used to meet your career goals.

The Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) certificate offered through NASBITE International is a widely acknowledged credential that confirms the professional’s skills across four areas of expertise, including international marketing, trade finance, supply chain management, and business management.


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